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As COVID restrictions have been removed, we are pleased to say that our factory tours are up and running again.

Have you ever wondered how filled chocolates, bars and other chocolate delights are made?

In our 75 minute tour, you will why the process of making chocolate by hand is truly fascinating to behold. So allow us to guide you through how we create our melt-in-the-mouth ranges.

Visit our modern factory in Inverclyde and see for yourself the whole process.

Learn about the origins of chocolate and sample 5 different types single origin chocolate.

You will see the ingredients, how we temper chocolate, and the types of products we make. Of course, you will get to taste lots of chocolate.

Best of all, before you leave, you will be able to choose a complimentary bar of chocolate. 

Appointment necessary. The tours operate daily. Find us just off the westbound dual carriageway at the Woodhall Roundabout. This is a wonderful experience for all ages, and priced at only £40.00 per head for adults and £30.00 for children under 12 years old.

Just call the factory to book your visit. 

  • The New Chocolate Factory Gallery
  • The New Chocolate Factory Gallery
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